Customer Testimonial

June 12, 2012  |  brick, loveland, milford, natural, paver walkway, stone
Recent Customer Testimonial:
Matt did a great job of recommending the perfect solution for my needs. He didn't try to oversell. He listened carefully to my needs, looked at our lifestyle (with dogs) and recommended a lovely option which would be as low-maintenance as I had wanted. He really is great at providing options that meet the needs of the customer. The end result is wonderful - I had no idea how labor intensive it would be and now I see why it was (costly). He and his staff had to hand-cut each paver to fit perfectly into the curved shape I wanted. What a lot of work! I am eager for the grass seed to grow to complete the picture. My only complaint was that it took 2 weeks for him to come out to see the property, 2 more weeks to get the quote, and 2 more weeks after that before he had time to do the work. It was his busiest season so I suppose a 6-week wait time is to be expected, especially since everyone sees his A ratings on Angies List....I bet he is always in demand. But the wait was worth it. I will trust him with all future landscape needs because he was professional, honest, and did a great job. I really like the end result. I've had other landscapers try to impose their style on me or give me a landscape idea that was obviously too ostentatious for our country home. Matt didn't do that, although I know he has done very high-end work for those who want it. We wanted something simple and elegant, and affordable, and Matt made it happen.