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Top 5 reasons to "enjoy" this cold weather

5) No cost for weekly lawn mowing

4) You do not have to add water to your fountain

3) Allergy relief to those who are allergic to mold

2) Many insects will not survive in freezing weather. Less mosquitoes during the summer = More time to sit next to your outdoor fireplace

1) You can walk on water

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Pond questions in the Winter answered

Common questions for Pond Owners during the winter months

Helping Your Customers through WinterJust because Old Man Winter has arrived doesn’t necessarily mean your phone stops ringing. Some of your newer customers are sure to be concerned with the safety of their fish as they watch the surface of the pond start

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The Artistry of Painting with Stone

The Artistry of Painting with StoneFor the pond-building artist, stone is the paint — and how it is used can make or break the look of a water garden. Choosing the perfect stone, however, is no guarantee of a beautiful outcome. That’s the realm

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