Engraved Stones Make Your Home Inviting

February 13, 2015  |  engraved stone, outdoor living space, stonework

Stonework of any sort, if done well, adds beauty to your outdoor living space.  A great way to add a personalized touch to your home is to add an engraving to stone.  This piece of artwork can make your home appear more inviting, enhance the professionalism of your company, or help you express your artistic side. 

House numbers are one of the most common things engraved.  Clearly identifying your house number can help guests find your house.  Last names also make a great engraving.  They can be the perfect gifts to your new neighbors, making their new house feel welcome.  Or, you can opt to purchase one for yourself and proudly display it on your lovely landscape.  Some people chose to get their house number and last name on the same rock!  This can be a great way to optimize the space on your stone. 

The name of your business organization can also be done.  Depending on the size of the rock, you can make a bold statement or add a small, but powerful, touch to your company’s headquarters.  A large engraved stone can serve as a sign for your business to help get your name out to potential new customers passing by.  And, a large sign is sure to leave an enormous impact on your existing customers. 

For the more artistically inclined, designs, quotes, and pictures can be sketched into the rocks.  Whether they are intricate or simple, a design can say a great deal about you or your home.  Some people chose to use a smaller rock for the engraving, allowing the rock to conveniently fit inside their homes.  Common places to put these rocks include mantelpieces, near the bathroom sink, or close to the front door when you walk inside.

Stone engravings make for great gifts, and they can be the perfect addition to your landscaping and home.  They can drastically enhance your outdoor or indoor living experience.  Any season is a perfect time to start considering if a stone engraving is what you need to improve your home.