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July 2, 2010  |  travertine stone
Travertine stone

Travertine stone is a smooth, porous, naturally decorative material which offers a soft cream hue, an overall old-world beauty, and a dense and durable surface. Travertine is most commonly used for building materials in Italy, and rich deposits of Travertine are also common to Turkey and surrounding regions.

The installation process for Travertine is the same as Pavers:

Remove existing concrete and excess soil during excavation.

Compact subsoil after excavation. Compact a 4-5" limestone base using a plate compactor every 2-3". Level and spread 1" or less of ASTM Standard C33 sand. Use snap edge around the perimeter of the patio to prevent stones from shifting. Secure snap edge using 8" spikes every 12".