Save a Tree, Reduce Soil Compaction

December 8, 2010  |  interesting facts

Trees, like people, are easily disturbed by changes in their surroundings. Construction of buildings and roads is a major cause of tree injury.

Symptoms of tree disease may not be immediately visible. Sometimes several years of decline occur between injury and death. Trees are often injured by earthmoving equipment and by changes in ground level. Roots can be injured when heavy equipment passes over them. Building projects can also injure trees. Root injury- not trunk injury-during construction is most likely to kill trees.

The addition of asphalt, concrete, bricks, or more than a few inches of soil around trees will change the amount of water and oxygen available to their roots. Trees with roots covered have trouble "breathing" and may die within years to follow.

When we (staff at Warrens Landscaping) propose and start projects we keep in mind the heath of the trees! Typically we use a machine that has wide tracks and is significantly smaller than traditional equipment used, which helps reduce soil compaction. We also talk with the customer about potential risks and concerns.