Watering instructions for new landscapes

Keep your new plants, trees and lawn Happy!

No watering schedule is a substitute for observing the condition of your newly planted plants, trees or lawn every day. The concept behind this watering schedule is to insure deep root watering.  Deep, less frequent watering is better than frequent, shallow watering. This promotes deep root growth and can reduce water loss by evaporation.

Sticking the finger in the soil test (about 3" - 4" down) is a good method. If the soil is dry to the touch, water. If it is moist, do not water. 

-Watering instructions for Sod

It is critical to keep new sod constantly moist. In hot, dry weather, water each area several hours a day. After the first cutting, the  new sod should receive at least 1 inch of water over the course of a week, either from rain or sprinkling.

-Watering instructions for Seed 

 For the first three weeks: water lightly twice a day to keep the seed moist. If excess water begins to run off or erosion occurs, turn off the sprinkler immediately. After three weeks, the turf should receive one inch of water during the course of a week, either from rain or sprinkling. 

Watering instructions for plants and trees:

For Best Results, use an open-ended hose placed at the base of the plant and running at a slow trickle.

-Trees -Water every 8-10 days using your garden hose for 45 minutes.

-Plants- Depending on the specific variety of the plant generally 1-2 times a week for 20-30 minutes